We live in a very technological age. The gadgets that have been invented since the 80’s have been vast and plentiful.

I see little kids wandering around with cell phones and ipods and I think “holy cow they are way to young to have those”. Who the heck are they calling on that cell phone? I am almost 24 and I don’t even know why I have a cell phone, I text like 2 people and that is it.

I realize that Capri will be a very techy kid because of who her parents are. Stefan and I love to have the newest gadgets and if we had money we really would have a lot more. She already loves playing with our laptops, cell phones and the ipod; and I just see it getting worse/better as she learns more.


The thing is I can’t talk. We had a computer in our house when I was 3 (that was in 1990) and I knew how to use it. I would turn on the computer and boot up into DOS and open up Commander Keen or Treasure Mountain and play them until my eyes bugged out.

I had my own walk-man when I was like 4 or 5 (it was hot pink) and I loved it. I knew how to mix tapes off of the radio when I was in elementary school and later was burning cds for myself.

Stefan is a whole other story. He can tear a computer apart and put it back together. Him and his best friend have conversations that I can’t follow because it sounds like another language (and sometimes it really is). So yes I know that my child will most likely have a netbook or something at an early age, because heck I don’t want to share mine with her and that goes for my ipod as well. The question now is when will she be getting them so I can stop sharing mine?

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  1. I’m glad someone else isn’t anti-technology for kids. I don’t want Sebastian to watch a lot of TV but I love technology so having none is a really unrealistic goal. I read an article online somewhere recently about how we villainize technology (example was Kindle) because we don’t yet have the nostalgic association we have with books and other things from our childhood and it really rang true. There also is really a difference between media and technology that is social and creative versus just a time waster. (And sometimes time wasting is good to decompress as well.)

    Anyways, interesting post and good perspective!

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      yeah both my husband and I either have a computer, cell or Ipod attached to us so she has no chance of escaping technology.

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