Laundry with 4 little girls means a million outfit changes a day and a giant pile of clothes for Mama to wash. I suck at laundry, I will just start by saying that. I hate doing laundry, I suck at folding laundry, and I really suck at putting laundry away.

I let the laundry pile up until the basket of clothes is taller than my 2 year old. That is three loads of laundry to do. And my least favourite part is after it all comes out and I have to sort all of the clothes between the four girls.

So I came up with a game plan to make it a bit easier on me.
washI decided that instead of having one laundry basket for all four I would have one for each of them. But then came the realization that four laundry baskets would take up a lot of room so I scratched that idea. I went to Amazon and found these awesome cotton laundry bags.


bagshung upMy oldest two recognize their names so I bought some sharpies in their favourite colours and wrote a name on each bag. Then I had to find a coat hook to hang them up on. Thankfully my parents had one in their garage still in the box with four hooks. Perfect. Stefan hung up the coat hooks for me in the bathroom at a height that worked for the girls. After I hung up each bag I brought the girls in and had them find their names on the bags and explained that their dirty clothes went in their bag. So far so good.

Now when I do laundry I can just grab one bag and wash the clothes in that one bag. When it comes out of the dryer I can quickly sort the clothes by shirts, pants, dresses and toss them in my redneck dresser for them. Yes those are milk crates, and yes it is messy. But I don’t care and it works. This is Capri and Payson’s closest and they know where their clothes go. So this is my solution for laundry with four little girls.


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