The term Elimination communication scared me when I first read about it. There are some people that are full time ECers, in other words their babies never wear diapers. Then there are some who are part time but with a stronger liking to no diaper time. The list goes on as to what kind of family you are in regards to ECing and if you more prefer diapers or the potty.

So when I first read about ECing it was on a blog that was very much all or nothing so I was turned off pretty fast. But someone I follow on Twitter @Joyfulabode started doing ECing with her daughter and I was intrigued because she still let A wear diapers and was not super crazy about it.

I started putting Capri over the toilet right before bath time so she wouldn’t pee in the tub. Sometimes she would pee but usually she didn’t, but it sure was funny watching her sit there swinging her legs.  Then one day I actually got her to the toilet in time for her to poop and I was so happy that it was one less poopy diaper to deal with. We were able to get a Baby Bjorn potty from a friend and it is great. Capri can sit on it by herself with supervision of course (I turned to grab a diaper today and she fell off of it, she was okay though). Her little bum is still a bit to small for it so she is not as comfy as she could be. I would like the get the potty from Ikea because it is a bit smaller and only $2.99 in Canada ($4.99 in the States…strange I know). But they do not ship and we do not live anywhere near one.

So we are pretty lazy with the whole thing. I randomly put her on the potty if I notice her diaper has been dry for a while, or the pee is cold and I know she has not gone in a while or before bed time and bath time. We have caught a few poops and pees which is nice, but it is not a huge deal. We are teaching her the sign language for toilet anytime she is sitting on either the toilet or potty and we make ppsss noises when she pees so she can associate the noise and pee time. But it is a fun little thing that we are not stressing about and enjoying a few less dirty diapers.

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