See this nice little house made out of a refrigerator box?? Well I hope mine will look something like that, but mine will not be inside of a real house it will be in a nice ally somewhere…maybe a park if we are allowed.

Okay so we are not going to be living in a refrigerator box anytime soon but sometimes I like to tell people that we are moving into one in a few weeks.

In all reality we are moving in about 8 weeks time (we have until December 31 when our rent is up). Where we are moving is still a very big mystery.

You see I graduated from school in May and have been staying home with Capri ever since our internship at the church was done the first week of July (I really was an August graduate, but walked in May). Stefan will be finished and graduated in December which means our time at Bethany Bible College will be done.

We have been looking for a church for sometime now but currently do not have any set in stone plans. We have looked at churches all across North America so really at this point we could end up living anywhere (really I do not want to live in a refrigerator box so I am hoping we find a place with a house, apartment even a nice garage will suffice).

I know that God has big plans for us and will open the doors in His timing. I just pray His plans involve more than a large appliance box.


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