Mom's Kisses 1oz & 2oz bottles

I would like to talk about this product that we have been using for the last couple of weeks, it is called Mom’s Kisses. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you know that we found out in July that our oldest daughter has Juvenile Arthritis, she is on medication to help with her inflammation but sometimes that is not enough. I found out about Mom’s Kisses through Bundles and Buzz and decided to contact the founder of the company to find out if it would help with Capri’s inflammation. Teresa was kind enough to send me a bottle of her product and a travel bottle to keep in the our diaper bag.

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Teresa founded Mom’s Kisses to help her daughter deal with pain from everyday bumps and bruises because her daughter cannot take ibuprofen due to kidney problems. This topical spray can help heal bruises and sprains faster and is all natural. The product is made from the flowerheads of the Arnica montana flower, which is an anti-inflammatory. it also has ethyl alcohol; distilled water & essential oil of lavender for the soothing smell. Which is great because the less medication I have to put into my little girls body the better. Capri is not super vocal so I am not sure how much it has helped her, but I have used it a few times on sore muscles and it really does seem to help with the pain, I have also used it on Capri’s legs not only for her inflammation but for her bruises and they disappeared within a couple of days instead of a week or more. This is a great product to have in the house and in your purse/diaper bag especially if your kids play sports.

photo(16)Capri loves spraying it on her legs and rubbing it in. As she becomes more vocal I will be interested to see what she has to say about it. We are going to keep using it, because I really do feel like it is working and it is a great alternative to giving her other pain medications when her current prescriptions are not enough.

I also love that it is a Canadian company and that a mom made it to help her own daughter.

So I want to thank Teresa for letting us have a chance to try out her product. You can read more on her website

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