We have been doing Baby Led Weaning for almost 2 months now and loving it. Capri has been fed with a spoon on two occasions (once for soup and once for yogurt) and it was not fun at all and really messy. I love that we can eat dinner as a family and I am  not trying to spoon feed a baby who wants to spoon feed herself while I am trying to eat my own food. It is so much fun to watch her try new foods that have actual texture and are not mush.

I cannot even list everything she has eaten now. A few new things though are cheese, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, peppers, roast beef, melon, arrowroot cookies, onions,  asparagus and a lot more things I can’t think of.

I am always so amazed when she bites off too big of a piece of food and tries to swallow it. Her eyes get all watery and red and she starts to cough and always gets that piece back up. And it is amazing how even with out teeth she is able to bite chunks of food off. The other day I heard her chewing her apple with those hard gums of hers.

I also love that so far she LOVES everything we have given her. It seems like people who do purees have to fight with their kids to eat the really gross foods (probably because they are really gross in puree form), but Capri loves everything so far. I am excited for when her teeth come in and she can chew her food more (finding chunks of carrot in her diaper is scary sometimes).

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