I have been dying to update you all on the Mwana in Cloth Project I started back in January for my friend Amy. You can go and read about the project here if you have no idea what I am talking about. I have just been waiting for a few things before updating everyone. And now I can do that.

Through so many amazing people we were able to raise $731.62 to help provide cloth diapers and a fund for formula for babies that would be in the care of Amy at The Children’s Nest Trust in Choma, Zambia.

With this money I was able to purchase 8 one size diaper covers that will fit a variety of sized babies, 30 flat diapers (you fold them up and put them in the covers), two large wetbags to store wipesdirty diapers, and our amazing baby store also gave me some beautiful wipes to send along (thank you Fluffy Bottom Babies).

My awesome Sister-in-law who also happens to be Amy’s best friend also sent along a package with 8 newborn sized diapers and fleece liners. Thank you again for that you are my favourite SIL!!!

Our friend Nicole and her mom made up a set of wipes and sent them to Amy so she will be fully prepared to deal with all of the dirty diaper situations!! Thank you so much Nicole!!

needles and stringsA friend who I met online held an auction with the beautiful bags she sews to raise money for Mwana In Cloth. Go and check out her stuff Needles and Strings, it is seriously super pretty. Thank you again Kate!!

So now that we have talked diapers let me tell you a little about how the rest of the money has been helping out. I was able to send Amy $465 USD to use towards formula for the babies that would be in her care.

KarenRight after I sent the cheque off to her I got a message about a need for formula. If you have read my original post you will remember that Baby Karen was the baby who really helped inspire this project. Baby Karen’s mom died in childbirth and her farther could not take care of her at the time, so the amazing people at The Children’s Nest took her in. After a time someone in The States started sending money for formula so Karen could go and live with her Dad again. Well the request for formula was from Karen’s Dad. He was in need of more formula for his little girl and what do you know that money had just been sent for such a purpose. God works in amazing and perfectly timed ways.

Amy was able to drive out to Karen’s home and delivered 7 containers of formula to get him started, and has some of the money set aside to be able to buy more.

Just to put it into perspective on how needed this formula was, it cost Amy $4.24 USD for each can of formula. A typical can here costs anywhere from $14.99 and up. And yet people in Zambia are not able to buy these cans that are $10 cheaper than ours. So the money we have raised will go a long way!! So again THANK YOU to everyone who has helped, I am excited to see what Amy will be able to do and the babies she will be able to love on!!!




Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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