Baby Karen

I want to tell you about an amazing organization called The Children’s Nest Trust.

Children’s Nest Trust is an established non governmental organization in Zambia.

Children’s Nest is in the town of Choma, in the Southern Province of Zambia. It is home to 62 children, ages 2-16. It began in 2006, and in 2013 a Sponsorship Program was established to assist with the financial burden of caring for so many children. There are twelve staff members, divided into two groups to serve day and night shifts.

My friend Amy will be moving from New York to Choma very soon to start assisting the program with a huge list of responsibilities. (seriously the list is long and she will be amazing at all of it)

mapThe other day I asked Amy if there was a need for cloth diapers. She told me that one of the reasons they don’t have younger kids coming in is because of understaffing (as we all know infants take a lot of work), and also they just are not prepared with supplies to take care of the babies if a any come to the home.

karenHere is a little story about a baby that came to them last August while Amy was visiting:

“This baby is Karen, and her mother passed away at birth. Her father is a pastor and was unable to care for her on his own because he couldn’t afford formula. She spent three weeks at Children’s Nest, and while we were there we found a girl in the states who actually knew Karen’s parents and decided to send money monthly to buy formula for Karen. The picture of her with the two adults is her with her grandparents. On the last day of our trip, they came with the dad to pick her up and take her home.”



It is so wonderful to know that Karen was able to go home with her father and loving Grandparents. Unfortunately there are more babies out there who need a loving place and loving adults. The Children’s Nest Trust is full of love and I would like to help them out by making sure they are prepared when another baby comes their way.



There are two ways that I plan on doing that.


The first is making up a cloth diaper kit for Amy to take with her. This will include snap covers, and a stack of flat diapers or flour sac towels (which is what I use and love). I know there are super fancy diapers out there, but to be honest these will be the best for their situation. Flat diapers wash really easily and dry very fast. Covers can fit multiple size babies and are easy to re-use between wash days. Mwana (Moo-wana) means baby in Tonga in the language spoken by those in Choma. So my little project that I am praying becomes HUGE is “Mwana in Cloth” which means Baby in Cloth.

The second is to help supply a fund that Amy will be able to draw from in order to purchase formula and other needs for an infant. It would be amazing if they could always say YES to a baby in need!

I would love to be able to make a kit of brand new diapers for Amy to take because it would be awesome if these little babies who have very little could have some brand new squishy cloth. And I would love to supply Amy with enough money that they never need to worry about filling those little tummies.

So if you would LOVE to help me with this endeavour you can make a donation with Paypal. I will be using some of the money to build a diaper kit, and sending the rest to Amy to use for formula and baby needs. 100% of your donation goes to this project. I plan to do my best on finding sales so I can stretch the money the farthest. I am including one size covers and newborn size just in case there are some very tiny babies. A little break down on what a cloth diaper kit would cost at full prices:


James 2:27

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Please pray with me for this amazing organization and for their needs to be met in a way that only God can be given glory.

If you want to read more about The Children’s Nest Trust and Amy’s story you can check out these links: and

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