Month 1PLEASE NOTE: if you are a prude, get offend easily or are grossed out by birth stories you should probably stop reading. If however you are none of those things read on. Month 2

On Friday June 18th 2010 I had my 40 week check up. This date was my original due date from my first ultra sound and the date that my doctor went by (I went by the 15th which was the date we got at our second ultra sound because it was closer). At my doctor’s appointment I found out that I had finally dilated from 1cm (which I had been since 35 weeks) to 3cm and 75% effaced. She swept my membranes for the second time (she did it the week before as well).

Month 3I had been losing my mucus plug since the day before and later Friday evening I started to get my show. I didn’t want to get myself excited because I didn’t want to be let down if I didn’t go into labour so I just went on with my evening. We went out for a walk and went to the mall and got some Chinese for supper (BIG MISTAKE). Around midnight I started get coMonth 4ntractions, I started timing them and they were coming every 3-6 minutes, but didn’t seem to be getting stronger so I didn’t think too much of it. I tried going to bed a bit after midnight but could not sleep because I was uncomfortable, so I came out and watched TV with Stefan. Around 1:30am we went to bed and Stefan slept and I didn’t, so at 3am both of us came out and watched TV until 5am when we decided we should head to the hospital.

Month 5When we arrived they checked me and I was 4cm along. They asked me if I wanted drugs and I said no. I really wanted to try to have her naturally (I am terrified of needles and was really scared of the epidural). I had to be put on an IV right away because I was Strep B+. By the time 8am came around I had already thrown up my Chinese food from the night before because I was in so much pain and I decided to get the epidural. It was really hard for me to finally sayMonth 6 yes to it because I had been very set on going naturally. They could not get me the epidural right away so I was given fentanyl via IV, which I highly recommend because it really helped with getting the epidural. It took two shots to get the epidural needle into me because the first time I was getting electric shock feelings in my back and legs.

Month 7Right after I got it my doctor that would deliver Capri and a student doctor came in and checked me and broke my water. I was now up to 9cm and we did a few practice pushes. Stefan had run to get some breakfast and got back just in time to get ready to help me push. At 9am I started pushing, and it was nice because even though I had the epidural I was able to feel when I needed to push. Stefan was very brave and helped the nurse hold my legs when I pushed. He watched my whole delivery process. I pushed for the next hour and a bit and the doctor came in to help with the end of it. I did notMonth 8 like the end of the pushing it BURNED so bad. I pushed and pushed and they finally put the vacuum on her head to help get her out. She finally came out and the first thing I saw was the student doctor holding her leg and it looked like she was hanging upside down over the edge of the bed. I told him to be careful and to not drop her, he then showed me that he had her head as well. She arrived at 10:19am on June 19th, 2010. She was 21 inches, 8lbs 14 and 1/4 oz. They put her on my chest and let her cord pulse until it was done and then they cut it.

Month 9They took her to clean her and I delivered the placenta which was not bad at all, it just fell out. They started to stich me up and I only had one real tear and it was only first degree. It was however not very clean and the doctor and student doctor took their time figuring out the best way to stich me up. At one point the student Month 10doctors cell phone started ringing and he couldn’t answer it and it was really funny. They told me they were taking their time to make me look nice down there just in case I decided to go into the porn industry in the future. The doctor also almost sewed the interns’ finger onto me, and we joked that it would be really awkward having him around.

Month 11Everything after that went fairly well. I did faint after getting out of the shower however but Stefan caught me (I had the water too hot), it scared the crap out of me. We breastfed for the first time within the hour after she was born, and have been breastfeeding for 1 whole year now. Month 12

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  1. Lovely! I tried to avoid an epidural but ended up with one as well. I am sort of bitter about it – I should have gotten a doula who could have helped more with pain management – but overall happy with my birthing experience. After feeling that pain, I’m not sure I could do med-free unless I simply didn’t have the choice.

    I almost passed out my first could showers too. Post-partum healing is harder than they tell you about beforehand.

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