I keep seeing people post pictures of their day planners on Instagram and I was wishing I too had an awesome day planner. I started looking around for one online that had the different pages that I wanted and the size that I wanted. But I could not really find anything, and when I did find something close it cost around $40 plus $20 shipping. Now some of you might be asking what is wrong with a day planning that you can pick up from Staples but I like unique and it is hard to find that in a box store. So I decided to put my Publisher skills to the test and create my own Day Planner. Let me introduce you to “The Life and Times of Deborah Gilbert”


So this is the front cover (click on the picture if you want to see it larger). I wanted something large so this is 8.5×11 inches (standard paper), and the whole thing is printed on a heavier paper (not cardstock, but not regular printer paper). In total there are 196 pages to my day planner because it goes from October 2013 to December 2014. I had it printed at my Dad’s office because he has a really fancy printer/photocopier giant machine and because it cost me less to print there than to have it printed at Staples. After I had it printed I took it to Staples and they bound it with the coil binding and also put a clear sheet over the front and the back to help add protection.

Now lets take a peak and look through the planner.




Each month page has a notes section and a quote that I like. The blocks are big so that I can write multiple things in them since some days can be more busy than others. As much as I love my phone and still keep all my appointments on there as well it is really nice to be able to open up to a month and actually see each appointment instead of just a dot over the date.


Between each month are weekly planners so if a week/day happens to be super crazy I can see it at a closer glance.


There is a Notes section at the end of each month/week section. This is just where I can make lists or jot something down. I added a coffee stain because I think it adds a little something and the rest of the book is coffee themed.

So that is my day planner. I love it and I love that it is unique to me.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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