This past week and a half has been a time where mine and Stefan’s apartment has been in constent use. Stefan’s sister was here for a few days and was in and out of our place along with her boyfriend. Stefan’s bestfriend was staying with us during our seminar week (a week long intensive in a class) and now my two best friends are staying a couple of days until they go home for the summer. It has been a very interesting time, lots of fun and plenty of company but not a lot of down time. 

This past week has also been busy because of my seminar class which was all about preaching holiness. It was an amazing class and I loved it so much. I also bought a netbook and I named him Buddha, he is super cute. 

I start my job on Tuesday as a nanny for three little kids. I am really excited and I am sure there will be tons of stories that will be blogged about it. Life will get some what back to normal when our place is empty again but will be competly different because school is out and jobs must start. Time for real life. The plus side of everyone leaving is we got everyones left over food and now have a bookcase full of extra food (it looks like we are planning for Y2K or a tornado scare).

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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