IMG_0850I found out about Nic and Elli through Bundles and Buzz. This company creates a lot of beautiful handmade baby items such as; quilts, security blankets, change mats, baby blankets, bibs and more. I was able to try out one of their bibs (well Capri did, I am pretty good at not getting food all over me now).

When they first told me that they were looking for people to test bibs I agreed but was not really sure about it. You see I am not one of those moms who has a bib on my kid…ever. Why? Because they annoy me and I find they don’t do a lot. You see I either have bibs that have that plastic type IMG_0851backing that melts if you accidently put it in the washer, or bibs that are too small and don’t save the clothes or those really gross bibs that catch the food (makes me want to throw up).

Anyway, the bib from Nic and Elli arrived in the mail and it is HUGE and awesome. The front is a cotton print and the back is a nice terry material. It covers Capri so well and kept her dinner off of her shirt. It also has to snaps to adjust for size and the snaps allow for grownups to take the bib off but not for toddlers (which is how I like it). The snaps are on the side which means that it doesn’t get caught in her hair when snapping it. Also what I loved is that when it got dirty I just tossed it in with the kitchen towels and didn’t have to remember to grab it before the dryer.

IMG_0858Each bib costs $7.00 and if you do laundry like I do you would only need 2-3 bibs. This bib measures approx 15 1/2 x 11 1/2. Nic and Elli are located in British Columbia, Canada (I love using products made in my Country).

Her work is excellent and I have been drooling over her quilts (I love handmade blankets…hint hint to anyone out there that makes blankets of any kind).

So go ahead and check out their Etsy page and buy IMG_0853something. Their stuff would make awesome baby shower gifts.

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  1. I always put a bib on Jack, but that looks like it would cover a lot more area.. I find the little ones do help, but I’d really like to give one of these a whirl! 🙂

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      do it. She makes really cute bibs and they would even cover Jack haha. By the way I just got Capri weighed and she weighs 23lbs haha

  2. Thank you! I saw your blog on Pinterest and am enjoying following your blog. My husband and I are expecting our first baby and will be looking for one of these bibs!

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