As soon as you tell people you are pregnant you become public property (well that is how most people act).

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This picture totally represents how a lot of pregnant women feel. When I was pregnant with Capri and was only about 12 weeks along I had a guy at the College I went to walk over and try and touch my stomach. It was crazy, I was just standing with my friends talking about the pregnancy and he just reached out and tried to touch me, I didn’t even look pregnant yet.

From the time I started tweeting/facebooking about my pregnancy I got opinions upon opinions on how I would feel, what symptoms I would get (because they had them so I of course would get them too), and why I should cherish my time with the baby still inside of me.

First let me say, I hated being pregnant and I much preferred sleepless nights with my newborn than sleepless nights with restless leg syndrome. I get that people want to be helpful but I found there were way more negative comments directed towards me than positive ones. I didn’t want to be told about how big I looked or how I must be due any day now (when I had 2 months left), I didn’t want to know your horror stories about giving birth and I most definitely didn’t want you telling me how I would regret using cloth diapers, regret feeding my daughter on demand or co-sleeping. My parenting choices are just that, my choices. If someone comments on how big I look this time around they better watch out because I most likely will comment on how big they look in general.


So remember just because YOU have been pregnant and are a parent it does not mean you can say negative things to a new mom or dad. No matter how big a pregnant lady may look it does not mean you need to tell her that. Be nice and don’t touch.

Just a side note, it is one thing when you and your close friends sit around and discuss the various birth stories because they are being asked for, or when someone asks you for their opinion. I have a lot of friends who are pregnant right now or have been recently and we all feel this way.

Next time you see a pregnant lady tell her how beautiful she looks and how lucky that child is to have such a wonderful and loving mom.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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