3388_10151145329023796_303284211_nMy Payson is growing up. She just had her 4 month shots (a little late as she will be 5 months in 11 days), and she weighs almost 14lbs. She loves to laugh…and cry. She can roll over, but only when she wants to and doesn’t do it often. She prefers to be in my arms than anywhere else (which makes her daddy sad). She will only sleep curled up next to me in our bed, which I don’t mind because she sleeps most of the night that way and I am more well rested. She has decided that her goal in life is to try and eat our food, but she has to wait until November when we will start Baby Led Weaning with her. But she has licked an apple and her sister has shoved various foods in her mouth.




She loves to be worn in our Boba wrap and carrier, mainly because it means being extra close to mommy. She loves to lick and chew on her left foot, or my finger. She loves to chat with us and really wants to sit up. I know she wants to play with her sister but is still a little scared of her (for good reason, Capri loves her just a little too much).

She is currently taking some medication to help with her acid reflux which was making her a very sad girl. She is a bit happier on it, but still IMG_2249not the most content baby. She likes sitting in her chair and playing on her mat in small amounts of time.

We love her so very much and are excited to watch her grow. We pray for her each day and ask God to bless her and enrich her life.

She gets a lot of nicknames around here like Paycy Macy and Pay Pay, and her sister refers to her as baby.



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