9a2b7a5c-9c23-4540-b7c9-53f5e6f673e1First off click on that main photo and watch it. Then you can read the rest.

Guys I have been thinking about starting a Facebook page for our family for a while. I love reality tv shows and sometimes I think I might be living one. So I figured I should share that with the world.

We are a family of 6. That is not really that big. I think since we have all girls and not a mix of genders we look bigger. I get asked a lot what it’s like in our home. I usually say we are a circus. We drink a lot of coffee (mainly the adults, sometimes the kids steal our coffee).

img_5188So come join our family Facebook page One Exhausting Circus 

We are far from a Pinterest family -though I dabble in a mean craft or two every once and a while and usually glue my fingers together. We are loud and messy. So if you like watching videos of real life, non perfect people who won’t make you feel bad about your dirty dishes come on and join us.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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