2010In 2010 we were expecting our very first baby. We had decided to use cloth diapers and I had bought a few different brands to try out. As soon as we arrived home from the hospital we changed Capri into her first cloth diaper and within the first few days we fell in love with Applecheeks. We sold all of the other brands and slowly our stash became a widely out of control pile of Applecheeks. You see they put magic dust in their diapers which makes you addicted and you must buy ALL OF THE APPLECHEEKS. 2011

I fell in love with their contests and the community that surrounded
Applecheeks. I entered and won as many contests as I could just to build up my stash, and because it was super fun taking wild photos.

As our family grew so did our Applecheeks pile. I talked them up to everyone because of how simple they are to use and how much my husband loves them (yes that is a winning factor when promoting cloth diapers).

2012In 2012 we added Payson to our family. This meant lots of cute sibling photos of the girls in their Applecheeks. Not only did we love their diapers, we loved their storage sacs, wipes, cleaning solution, and mini zips.

2013 In the Summer of 2013 we were having issues with rashes and we came to the conclusion that our girls had a bad sensitivity to the PUL material that many cloth diapers have. I made the heartbreaking decision to sell my entire stash of Applecheeks which contained many hard to find colours and switch to fitted diapers with wool covers in hopes of clearing up the rashes. For two years we tried fitteds and another brand of diapers, and there was never the love for them like there was for Applecheeks. And we also realized that the girls didn’t have issues with PUL, they just have sensitive skin and terrible teething poops.

2015So at the end of Summer 2015 I was laying in bed one night and I asked Stefan a simple quesiton. “Hunny of all the cloth diapers we have used what was your favourite?”, and he replied, “Applecheeks”. I took that one word answer as permission to sell the stash of diapers we had been using and to go wild and buy ALL THE APPLECHEEKS!!!

Lyra who was born in 2013 never had the pleasure of wearing Applecheeks from day 1 like her two big sisters. Stefan was the lucky one who got to put her first Applecheeks on (he was kind and sent me photos as I was away).

ZalahI jumped back into the Applecheeks world and community. I have loved being a part of the different reveals for new colours and prints over the last few months and am enjoying our Applecheeks again. In October we added Zalah to the family and she was in her Applecheeks diapers right from birth.

To some all of this may sound a little crazy. To those who get it, you will get it. My regret is selling all my pretties two years ago. It is hard seeing the diapers I bought for retail prices or way less going for so much now because I can’t afford them. Yes you are reading that right, things that catch poop not only keep their value but they become more valuable the longer you own certain ones. That is how awesome these diapers are. I am excited that Zalah is little and we will get a few more years out of being a part of the Applecheeks world. Hopefully I can score some of my old favourites for a steal of a deal to relive the early days. And this is our Applecheeks evolution!


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  1. I just bought my 1st Applecheeks diaper after months of using AI2’s. I didn’t think I’d like pockets but these are growing on me 🙂 Cute pictures!

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