This lovely little gem of a picture is from 1990 when I was only 3 and my brother was 5. I decided to write this post after reading another post here about how to bless your young adult children. The author lists different ways that she blesses her two kids, such as taking them out for coffee or doing their laundry when they are having a stressful week at school. She has some awesome things listed and I highly suggest going over and reading it.

So it got me thinking about how awesome my parents have been. I am not going to lie, but my dad made my lunch and breakfast up until the day I graduated high school. He knew that I liked to sleep in and most likely would have gone to school hungry and without lunch if it were left up to me. And yes my husband says that I was spoiled but you know what, I am okay with that.

My mom knew that I didn’t always want to go clothes shopping with her as a teenager, but she always did her best to make sure I had the money I needed to get clothes and was more than willing to drive me to the mall.

649_44903398795_8761_nWhen I was in University my dad used his many contacts that he has to get me mail. I would get random postcards from all over the world from totally strangers. He didn’t have to do this, but he knew that I loved getting mail. And anytime that he came up my way he would stop in and take me out for a meal or coffee.

One of the biggest things that my parents did for me was pray for me every day before I went to school. If we were running super late and I was out the door before we had a chance to pray I knew that they still prayed for me and my day.

Even to this day my parents continue to bless me and my family. Not only are my own two daughters spoiled rotten by them but Stefan and I are as well. They still take us out for coffee or a meal if we are in the same area, and they always make sure to make our favourite foods when we come to visit. They continue to bless us in many ways and I will forever be thankful to them for all they do. I hope that Stefan and I are able to bless our kids in the same way and make them feel beyond special (even if other people think they are spoiled).

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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