zooPayson turned one the other day. What a fun day we had. We went to the zoo and she was just in love with all of the animals. After that we drove to my parents and had a family party with cake and presents.

The last year with Payson has been a wild ride. She was born just a month before we moved to a new Province and a new job. She cried non-stop for the first 6 months of life and only wanted her mommy. At 6 months she decide she would start crawling and started to become a happier baby. At 7 months she decide she would start walking around furniture, and at 10 months she started walking all by herself.

climbShe is our climber, and will stand on top of whatever she can pull her little body up onto. She is funny and laughs a lot. She is very interested in animals and loves hugging her doll.

She loves to hug and kiss and even loves snuggling with her daddy now. She is still very tiny, which just makes her all the more cute and loveable.

I am so excited to watch her grow and see her personality flourish. She is my very strong willed child and I am excited to see her become a strong young lady.

cakeShe had lots of fun on her birthday and even got to enjoy some cake.

We love you baby girl.


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