39 weeks part 2May 8th 2012 I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I went to my OB for my 40 week appointment with very little hope that I would have a baby soon. So many people talk about pre-labor signs they have and contractions. I didn’t get those with Capri and I was not really getting them with Payson. In fact I felt like I had another month left of pregnancy. I felt really great and was not that big just anxious to meet our new addition.

I was not planning on getting anything done to start labor but I decided to get my membranes swept because we have to go down and do some final things with our new job on May 18th. My OB checked me and said I was 3cm and did the sweep. I went home and felt NOTHING. No cramping, I didn’t have any spotting, in fact I felt totally normal. I went to bed that night deciding that the sweep had not worked and that she would never come.

At 4am I woke up with the need to pee, so I went to the bathroom as fast as I could IMG_1531and started to lose my mucus plug. I had a couple of contractions but was able to go back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 6am when all of a sudden I had contractions every 3 minutes. They were not super painful, but they kept coming. Stefan and I got up and he had breakfast and I sat on the couch contracting. Around 6:50 we decided to wake Capri up and let her have breakfast. Even though my contractions were coming every 3 minutes they were not that strong but I felt that we should get to the hospital. I packed the rest of Capri’s things up and at 7:30 dropped her off at our friend’s house (which was very hard for me because I have never left her for very long).

IMG_1547We had an hour drive to the hospital, though we made good time and got there at 8:20. The whole drive we listened to Queen and I hummed my way through contractions that were now every 2 minutes apart. We arrived at the hospital and registered, went upstairs and we were given a room. I told the nurses I didn’t want any drugs/IV or any monitors attached to me. They allowed me to put my own clothes on for the birth (tank top, sports bra and a jersey skirt) and I got myself set up.

I had Stefan put the birth ball up on the bed for me and I kneeled and leaned over it through contractions which were still coming every 2-3 minutes. I found out later that the nurses didn’t really think I was in active labor at this point. They told me to tell them if I felt the need to push though, and I felt like I needed to. They got me to lay back so they could check me (this was so annoying and painful). They checked and said I was only 4-5cm and that I was not allowed to push and I still had a bit to go. At this point I internally freaked out because I really did not want drugs but it was getting bad and I didn’t think I could go much longer without them.

I started to eat my labor-aid slushy I made to keep myself hydrated, after a few IMG_1567spoonful’s I started contracting and they would not stop. I was not getting any breaks and they were coming fast and strong. Stefan had Aerosmith playing by my head and I hummed and breathed my way through each contraction. I kept telling the nurses that I had felt like I had to push, so as much as I tried not to my body took over and would push a little with each contraction. I had incredible nurses who helped me control my breathing and showed Stefan how to push on my back (he was amazing). They made me lay down again to check me and I was 9cm (I also freaked out at the Dr. while he was checking IMG_1573me and told him to get out). I had them flip me back up on the ball and I informed the whole room of nurses and the doctor that I would not be pushing this baby out on my back but on my hands and knees with the birth ball. They told me I had to turn around if I wanted to do that and put the ball at the top of the bed. I freaked out at this because I didn’t think I could move. I had another contraction and I felt my water break all down my leg. They helped me get turned around between my next contraction and I informed them that I was going to start pushing. The other doctor quickly checked me and said I was 10cm. It was around 9:50am at this point. I started to push with all I had, I was screaming and the doctor said if I stopped screaming and breathed I could push better so that is what I did. I pushed and pushed and 6 minutes later I pushed Payson Malia out (9:56am, only 4 hours after contractions actually started).

IMG_1579I was trying to see her between my legs, and told them to hold off on clamping the cord for a bit. They finally clamped and cut the cord. I allowed them to take her and weigh her since I had to get myself flipped around before I could hold her (she was 7lbs 15oz and a little over 20 inches long). Finally they placed my little baby in my arms and we snuggled. I was able to deliver my placenta and had some local numbing done so I could be stitched up (which HURT like crazy). I had some second degree tears which I assume happened because she came out so fast. I was able to nurse Payson while this was happening and she latched on super well.

After we were settled in our room Stefan drove home to pick up Capri only hours after we had dropped her off. She got to come back and meet her sister. She was a little scared of her at first but seems to love her a lot now with tons of kisses. We spent the next couple of days in the hospital because IMG_1618her bilirubin (jaundice test) was a little low, we got out Friday morning. She seems to be an amazing sleeper and nurse-er. She is also a screamer. All the nurses commented on how loud she was.

I have to say that I felt so empowered during this birth. With Capri I was on my back and hooked up to an IV, fetal monitor and blood pressure cuff; I had an epidural and gave birth on my back. But With Payson I felt so in control and did what I wanted to do and it was incredible.


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  1. So glad you were able to do it naturally and that it was fast!!

    I’m hoping number two is fast for me too. Epidurals make labors slow down so that may have been why your first didn’t move along as fast, plus being on your back rather than moving.

    Congratulations on your new addition and I hope your daughter well with the friend!

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