I got this baby cradle for $5 at a flea market. I plan on making bedding for it and giving it to Capri for her first birthday. But I am wondering if I should paint it or something before hand or should I leave it as is. Thoughts?? Ideas??




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    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      those are super cute. I am not that talented however haha. I don’t think I know how to actually strip the current stuff off of it, which is my only issue right now.

  1. I vote for painting it… a creamy whitish color maybe, with antiqued/distressed edges. I was just asking my dad the other day about stripping a coffee table I snagged at a garage sale for $1, and he said they make stuff that you rub on there, leave it set, and then spray it off with a hose, and it strips the old varnish right off. Might be worth looking into. So cute, though.

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