On Wednesday I will be 12 weeks pregnant with our second child (which Stefan REALLY hopes is a boy). We found out we were pregnant about a month ago and since that time I have felt AWFUL. I get like every terrible pregnancy symptom possible. So at this point even though I am excited about the new baby I am just trying to make it through the day without feeling sick.

This is what my baby looks like right now.

12 week

I find the biggest difference with this pregnancy and the last is that it is going way faster than with Capri. I think because it is not a first time thing and because I am running around after a toddler. My life is not consumed with figuring out what we will need or what kind of cloth diapers we will like (and how to use them). We have that all figured out. I mean in all reality we don’t even need a whole lot for this new baby (unless it is a boy than we will need boy clothes).

I have been working with Capri on being gentle with little babies. A few of our friends have younger babies which includes newborns, so when we are around them I let her see the babies and she can touch if she is gentle. We have also been working with her dolly on how to hold the baby (which resulted in dolly being thrown over the edge of the chair). But she seems to love our new baby. I have shown her where the new baby is and she will lift my shirt up and kiss my stomach.

Capri is still nursing and we have not had too many issues with that. At first I really thought my supply with going to disappear because it got really low, but it seems to be fine now. Sometimes it does hurt to nurse her but not bad enough that I am going to tell her that she is not allowed to nurse. She has done well at night and will usually only wake up around 4:30ish after going to bed at 7, so I am getting way more sleep than before when she was up every few hours (which was like a month ago).

So right now my goals are to get maternity clothes I like, keep my weight gain to a minimum (I only gained 20lbs with Capri) and to get Capri to sleep all night.


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