Yesterday I hit the 13 week mark. I am now officially into my second trimester; which like my first pregnancy I have not hit the magical week where you stop feeling sick. Our new little baby is starting to look more like a baby…well according to the picture they are. The baby is the size of a lemon (which is funny because I drink a TON of lemon water daily) and is around 1.5 oz. in weight.

I had my 12 week check up last week and besides some white blood cells in my pee (which meant I got to pee in a cup a second time that day for lab work) everything was good. The doctor asked if I wanted to try to hear the heartbeat and I said yes. He told me that I probably wouldn’t hear it because he has a super crappy doppler and I was not able to hear Capri’s that early. So he measured me and told me I had a really low uterus (??) which meant we really would have a hard time hearing anything. So he hardly even puts the doppler on me and we hear a super strong heartbeat (132 bmp). It was awesome, though sad because Stefan and Capri were not with me.

I brought Capri’s doll cradle out to the living room so we could work on moreIMG_0138 baby care. She loves rocking her dolls and putting a blanket on them. She also loves standing in it and rocking herself.

I have decided to get a couple books on being a big sister to start reading to her in the coming months. I really like this one “My New Baby”. I also want to get her a special doll that I will give her when she comes to visit the new baby in the hospital. I love these dolls and once we find out the gender of our new baby I will order the boy or girl doll (with blond hair of course).

So that has been our week. Here is my newest belly photo.



PS: I am terrified I am pregnant with twins.

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  1. Aw, you are looking cute! I’m glad you were able to hear the heartbeat. I always find that so reassuring 🙂 And I LOVE those babies! So precious! Books are a great way to introduce the idea of a new baby, although it can be hard to find ones that talk about it in a completely positive light. ~Melissa

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