eyesWe like to call Capri our professional patient, and once again we were off to a doctor appointment for her. With her Juvenile Arthritis she has to have her eyes checked every few months to look for inflammation. When we were at her last appointment they noticed that her left eye was weaker, and we confirmed that we noticed that it drifts inward a lot. So todays visit was to make sure there was no inflammation (which there was not), and to test her eyes for amblyopia or what most people call lazy eye. I was diagnosed with it when I was around 6 years old and am almost legally blind in my right eye.

One of the greatest things about Capri is how well she does for doctors. Even though she was very crazy and did not listen very well for me today, as soon as the doctor would enter the room she was the perfect patient. She sat on my lap and allowed them to shine lights in her eyes, and she followed the instructions very well. Dr. Alex even had her eyes measured because she was so good and he knew that she would sit still for it. We always get compliments on how great she does from getting x-rays, blood drawn, pokes, and just all the different things that come along with going to the doctors a lot. For this I am extremely thankful.


Our eye doctor that we have to see for her is a little over an hour away and both kids did great (only a few short meltdowns). Capri was officially diagnosed with amblyopia today and once we get her glasses this weekend she will have to wear a patch for a few weeks on her good eye.

I won’t lie, I hated wearing a patch when I was a kid. It was black and ugly, and I would lift it up so I could read or see the TV better (no wonder my eye is still bad). Thankfully they now have cute and fun stick on patches that hopefully will help her leave it on, since it must be worn ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  And thankfully she was diagnosed a lot younger than I was which will give her a better chance at strengthening her eye.

I will post a little update once she gets her glasses so you can see how cute and hipster she is.

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