I was so excited to get into our new house. We would have a back deck and yard to play in. Well we have had a bit of rain since we moved in and today it is pouring out. So since we live in a much craft friendly house (bigger and easier to clean) I decided to let Capri paint for a while. I searched for the paint brushes and could not find them. So I grabbed the make up brushes that Capri had found the other day and we used those. I also didn’t have any paint so I just added some food coloring to some water. It IMG_0189[1]worked great. We had a ton of fun and it was easy to clean up when she spilled the “paint” all over the floor.

Also my kid LOVES the hat she is wearing. We found it at church the other day (it is from a past Christmas production). It makes me laugh that she wears it all around the house.

IMG_0167[1]Payson joined in on the fun by either laying on a blanket or laying in my arms (laying on a blanket never lasts long.

In our house we usually have music playing. We love music and what better way to have fun while painting than listening to some sweet tunes. Now we are SUPER cool and listen to our music on ourIMG_0183[1] Ipod via our Hi-Fi. At least our kids will know what a record player looks like.

Overall it was a great morning. Snack time happened with a tired toddler which resulted in banana all over the floor which in turn resulted in a nap. But we had lots of fun painting and listening to music.

I learned this morning that it doesn’t take a lot to entertain Capri for a couple of hours with water and food coloring and some old make up brushes (we also drew on the paper with crayon). Here are our 3 masterpieces.


What rainy day activities do you do with your toddler?

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