IMG_0304I really wanted to get Capri a table and chair set to eat her snacks at, do crafts and other various things. The problem was I wanted a wooden one and one without some sort of character on it. All the wooden ones I found were very pricey so I hit the thrift store. And the picture to your left is what I found for $6 total. I got two matching wooden kid chairs that are very solid and an end table that was the perfect height.

IMG_0307I started by priming the chairs and table with white acrylic craft paint. I had to do a few coats because the chairs were so dark to begin with and the table had a strange laminate finish that needed a few coats. It took me WAY longer than it should have to paint everything because I would have to wait for it to dry and I would not get back to it for a few days to do the next coat.


I have been wanting to use this fabric FOREVER. It was a curtain that I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago and have been waiting for the perfect project for it. I bought Mod Podge and applied 8,000 coats because the fabric kept sucking it up so I had to do a lot of coats before it would become hard. I trimmed the fabric and tucked it under the rim of the table and Mod Podged it in place.


I took painters tape and tapped off what I didn’t want painted and started painting each section. Again this took a long time because I could only paint one section a night and I would take a few days off in between. But I finally finished it. I need to spray them with some clear varnish so the paint doesn’t chip since some if it already has with toddler play. So when it becomes warm outside I will touch up the scratches and spray varnish it. Again I just used acrylic craft paint.

The following pictures are the final project (minus the varnishing)




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  1. Those chairs are fuh-reaking adorable! Amazing job. I found some Holly Hobby fabric like that at Goodwill (looked very much like that anyway) and it was like $20 – Apparently it’s trendy and pricey!

    I am really jealous that you manage to get so much done. I feel like I am always busy and yet the projects in my head never come to fruition. I really want to make a washable slipcover for my couch but I’m too overwhelmed to even start.

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