For my class on the book of Romans we have to write and do two devotionals (instead of mid-term and final exam), which is sweet. Well today I did my final one and I did it on Romans 12:1-2 which talks about being a living and holy sacrifice and being a new person. I found a cool little story that I started with:

Chicken and hog walking down the road.Saw a church sign, “Brotherhood meeting-ham and eggs.” Chicken said to the hog, “We ought to drop in and make a contribution. The hog replied,”to you it would be a contribution but to me it would be a sacrifice.”.

It makes me wonder about my life and if what I am giving up to God is just a contribution or a full sacrifice on my part. I know in the past I have made sacrifices that did completely affect me and I have seen the benifits that God has given me through those sacrifices. It is exciting to know that when we give something up for God he shows us how worth it it was to do.

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