I feel like Payson doesn’t get enough blog time. So this will be all about her.

Payson will be ONE in THREE WEEKS. I cannot believe it. She is so funny, and gives such amazing hugs and snuggles. She still doesn’t nap very often, but when her sister is sleeping she has so much fun playing with all the toys by herself.

She cried for the first 6 months of her life. NON STOP. And one day I put her down around 6 months of age and she started to crawl, I have no idea how she learned. She has not stopped moving since that time. She started walking around furniture at 7 months, and started walking by herself at 10 months.

climberShe is really tiny so it is adorable watching her walk around. She weighs around 16-17lbs and is just a skinny mini. She loves to climb onto anything she can haul herself up onto. She still nurses very often, and I love our time together. She usually ends up in bed with us around 6 in the morning so we get to have lots of time snuggled close. She also loves me wearing her in one of our carriers, it means she gets to be extra close to mommy, which is perfect for her.

She loves saying Dada, Mama and I am pretty sure she says KITTY. She also really likes going “aawwww” whenever she does something she wants us to see or notice.

She really loves playing peek-a-boo, and laughs so much when you tickle her. One of her favourite things is to snuggle a doll or stuffed animal, and she loves to put anything she can find over her head.

She has 1 tooth that she got when she was almost 11 months old and there is a second tooth coming…soon I hope. She has found that she can eat even MORE food with that one tooth and loves to eat anything and everything. We did BLW (Baby Led Weaning) with her and she has always been a great eater.


She is finally starting to like the bath, or at least tolerate it. BUT she will only stay in and not cry if it is Stefan giving her the bath. Otherwise she wants me to hold her. But it is nice that she is getting clean more often and not screaming the whole time.

Speaking of Stefan; Payson is finally starting to really love on her daddy. She was very attached to me for the first part of her life and didn’t really care for anyone but me. But now she hugs and snuggles with Stefan and he could not be more thrilled to have another little lady in love with him.

So in three weeks you will get to read another little post all about my baby turning ONE!!!!


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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