I love buying my baby items from WAHM (Work at Home Moms). A lot of the items I use with Capri are bought from Mom based business’ and I love it that way.

Recently I found Snuggy Baby which is a company started by a mom who wanted a sling that was fashionable and comfortable. So after making a sling for her first daughter and receiving countless comments and compliments she decided that all moms needed a sling, and thus started Snuggy Baby.

Snuggy Baby now offers Ring Slings, baby wraps, wet bags and even the cutest little slings for your little girl to use with her baby doll (I so will be getting one for Capri when she is older).

The Little Girl sling is perfect as a big sister gift. Let her feel grown up by being able to carry around her own dollies and stuffed animals (great way to keep her special friends safe when out and about). I would have LOVED one of these as a child.

Jo’s designs are gorgeous and I love that they are made in North America (Indiana to be specific). Jo has created a coupon code just for my readers. This code is good until December 15th, 2010. Which is perfect for getting Christmas presents for those moms that you love, or your little girl.

If you would like to order from Snuggy Baby use the Code AsTimeFlies for 10% off your order (this code is unlimited so if you need to make another order go ahead and use it again). So head on over to the Snuggy Baby website and order.

Twitter or Facebook about this by coping and pasting this “Get 10% off at @SnuggyBaby http://bit.ly/b7IWnx with the coupon code AsTimeFlies http://bit.ly/b5lOCX #babywearing @deborahruth”

This code ONLY works at the Snuggy Baby website, it does not work on the Snuggy  Baby Etsy page.

All Photos are from Snuggy Baby Website.

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