Okay so the title of my blog is a lie…I will not be a wife for another 25 days…but shhh I will just pretend until then. So I love my stumble toolbar and through it I have come across wonderful blogs which makes me want to blog (this is defiantly my third blog but I thought I would start anew).

So who am I? I am a 21 year old Bible College student (so I am not a pastor yet either) who is currently dying to get married and wants to just finish school and get out into the world (so I can be: said pastor). I love my husband (okay okay my husband to be) and I love watching three shows each week (Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and 90210…and I watch old ER episodes like crazy).

My post will never be long (mainly because I have a short attention span and I know my hubby does too and it would be nice if he read these sometimes).

Deborah and Stefan

enough for now…


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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