It is not a secret that I love shopping, and my love for shopping grows as my girls get older and I find more amazing products on Etsy. So one day I found this awesome company called StarBright Baby from Michigan. They make teething toys that are made from fabric and are oh so cute. The thing that really caught my eye however was that they make some of their animals from the scraps for woven baby wraps. I think this is super cool because we babywear and use woven wraps.

I love when companies put out coupon codes and I usually cannot pass up the opportunity to use those codes, so when I saw on StarBright Baby’s facebook page a nice little coupon code I jumped at the chance and bought my teething 8.5 month old a giraffe, and since I was using a code I decided to giraffesplurge and get the giraffe made from a woven wrap scrap instead of just the regular cotton or the organic cotton. Her prices are fantastic which is also not only a selling point for me but makes me want to share her products even more.

You can get a regular cotton giraffe for $16.47 (Canadian), an organic giraffe for $18.53 (Canadian), or the wrap scrap giraffe for $$23.68 (Canadian). She also has Rhino’s ranging from $18.53-$25.74 (Canadian). Which is fantastic because this is a homemade item and it is cheaper/comparable to buying a Sophie Giraffe which is not super awesome.

So as soon as I gave Payson her giraffe made from some Lenny Lamb woven wrap scraps she automatically put it in her mouth and began to chew and she loved it. And I love that it is just fabric and hypo-allergenic fiberfill.


The Teething Giraffe is approximately 8" tall, 3" long and 1.5" wide, which is roughly the same size as Sophie. But way cooler than Sophie because it is hand made and you know what it is made out of.

You can dip the giraffe’s head/neck in water and stick it in the freezer for a little bit for your little one to chew on and they are machine washable (their necks get a bit bent but that happens with chewing as well).

They also make a bigger giraffe for your toddler to play with, but they only have them in their shop every once and a while. But I feel like we will need to get one for Capri, seeing as she stole her sisters.

CapriI love supporting smaller companies and buying from a store where I know they make their items themselves. I bought this teething giraffe because I believe in supporting family run companies.

So go and check out her etsy page and her facebook page. These would make great baby shower presents or a great Easter present.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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