Stonz is a Canadian based company mainly known for their easy to stay on booties with the two toggle system to help keep little feet warm in the Winter. We love the pair we have and both girls have gotten lots of use out of them. I was so excited to find out that they had expanded their footwear line to include rubber rain boots called Rain Bootz. I was so excited to get a chance to review them (okay Capri reviewed them, and she loves them).

These bootz are made from 100% natural rubber and do not smell bad like some rain boots tend to. They are very flexible and really move with Capri as she climbs and runs around. She has worn them non stop for the last few days and we will get so much wear out of them. They come in 4 great colors, and of course we picked the pink.

jumpThey come in sizes toddler size 5 all the way up to youth size 4. They have a size chart on their site for when you order but they seem to be pretty accurate to what Capri normally wears. She is usually a size 6, but I ordered a size 7 because I am waiting for a growth spurt, even with the extra room in the toes she has no problem keeping them on (which just means she will get to wear them for extra long).

The Rain Bootz are very versatile because you can add a fleece linerz to them which gives them extra warmth for early Spring and late Fall. They have a promotion on that ends TONIGHT (April 8th) that if you buy a pair of Bootz and Linerz together you will save $10 off your order. SO GO ORDER.

One thing that I noticed with Capri’s old rainboots was their lack of movement around her calf because they were so stiff. The Stonz move with her and this allows her to climb more and jump higher.

I think my only con would be the price. They retail for $35.99 and I am pretty cheap. BUT they are so durable that I know multiple children will be able to use them, and I know they have a very good resale value.

So you can check out a couple more of my pictures from our little photoshoot and then you can head on over to the Stonz website and pick your little ones up a pair of rain boots from a Canadian company (bootz are made overseas). And check out what the rain bootz are and are not made of:

• 100% natural rubber
• PVC free
• Phthalate free
• Lead free
• Formaldehyde free

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