I found a stroller I actually like. This has been a very long process. I do not like using strollers I much prefer to wear Capri on my back. I am looking forward to tandem babywearing once Payson comes but I had to be realistic and know that in the summer I would be too hot to wear them both. Also between Capri and Payson and me our diaper bag will be rather full and heavy. So I am getting a stroller.

But my problem was I had two strollers already. We have a small umbrella stroller, but it doesn’t have a basket, snack tray and is too short for Stefan to use. We also have a HUGE jogging stroller, but it is too heavy for me to get up and down our stairs and the breaks keep catching on it (it is like 3rd hand).

So I just stumbled upon the brand new Graco FastAction stroller today. It is like a small travel system style stroller (when Capri was first born we had the HUGE Graco travel system stroller). If we want to we can attach Payson’s seat to it, but mainly it will be used for Capri. You can watch a video all about the stroller here.

If you want to get us a little Baby Shower gift we are taking Toys R Us gift cards to make this purchase. Feel free to send us one, you can find out my email address in the message section of our registry.

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