thriftI love thrift store shopping. I have grown up thrift store shopping and I love being able to get cheap clothes and awesome things for my house. And since I love DIY projects to make cool things for the house thrift stores are the way to go. So I thought I would blog when I do fun thrift store outings and find cool things, and also show what I am doing with those things.

The lovely picture to your left is Capri and I searching for some deals at this sketchy thrift store called The S.P.O.T in Petitcodiac, NB. We went to Frenchy’s as well there but all of our finds today are from The S.P.O.T, where we spent a grand total of $1.25. Don’t mind my 31 week belly in this picture.


I found a Glow Bug (Worm) for Payson while we were there. I was super excited because Capri has one and I wanted to get one for Payson as well. I still need to wash it up, but thankfully they wash really well. I have to say spending .50 cents was a great deal since it came with batteries that work and since they retail at Wal-Mart for almost $16.

I don’t normally buy stuffed toys at thrift stores because it grosses me out, but I figured I can wash it on hot and use a bunch of vinegar in the wash to help kill anything.


I have been wanting cool vases like this for a while to use in my bathroom. They had a TON of them and I wanted to buy way more but I didn’t. I cleaned them up with hot water and vinegar and they came out shining. They were only .25 cents each which I think is well worth it. They are now sitting on the back of my toilet (someday I will put them on a nice shelf in my bathroom). And this is what they are used for: IMG_1129

I put the rest of our q-tips in one, I didn’t have a lot left, so I am excited (yes, excited) to buy a new box and fill the vase. The other one has my make-up pad removers, you can also put cotton balls in for a nice look. I like this look much better than the box and bag that each product was in. I have dreams of putting other things in pretty jars/vases in my bathroom like my Epsom salts.


My final .25 cents was spent on this wooden embroidery hoop. They had more and I am kicking myself for not buying them now (the thrift store that I got them at is 30 min. away). I want to get a whole bunch of these but I wanted to try it with one first to see if I actually liked the final project, which I do. So now I need to find a few more to make my project complete. But this is what I did with the one I bought and will be doing with the others once I get them:IMG_1133

There are a few glue spots I got on the front while gluing it that you can see but those are dry now and looks much better. All you do is frame your fabric in it and glue it to the back to keep it tight. So I will frame all different types of fabric in different sized wooden hoops and am going to place them on the wall next to our change table for the girls to look at during diaper changes. If you have any hoops you don’t want anymore feel free to send them along to me.

So that was my fun thrifting trip. It was also fun because I went with two friends and Capri and we had a great day (it helped that the weather was super nice). Next week my mom will be up visiting and I think we will hit up a couple thrift stores in town.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. LOVE the vases! I am putting a lot of our bathroom stuff in mason jars, like my makeup brushes etc, and I am looking for some vintage plates or something similar to display body jewelry and other odd pieces. I just need to get a shelf up so that everything isn’t just sitting on my counter. We have shelving above our toilet and it is really great for storing stuff. I keep a candle there as well – I can’t imagine having a bathroom without a scented candle anymore, LOL.

    I’m so-so on buying soft stuff secondhand. Definitely depends on how thoroughly it can be cleaned and how clean it looks in the first place. We have a Shark steam cleaner which has been wonderful for thrifted furniture and the occasional soft toy. I also like to air things out on the patio – For me, weird smells are more troublesome than germs.

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