If you are close with us you would probably think this is a pretty funny thing to be thankful for right now. We have more student loan debt than most people make in a year…or two, we have rent bills, groceries to buy and utilities to pay and on top of that neither of us have jobs (we are looking just fyi – but we are also trying to get Stefan paperwork so he can actually work in Canada – because that is easier than me trying to be a housewife in American).

And yet I am thankful, because I have more money in my bank account than a lot of people in this world make in a day (thankfully I am a very good saver and have been saving for YEARS, so we are living off of that), and because we live in Canada we get money every month just because we have Capri. We have been able to do some random jobs to give us a bit of extra on top of the savings account so we can use that to pay for groceries and such. We are able to live in a building that has a solid roof, running water and heat unlike many people. So I am thankful.

I am thankful that even when things cost money God has been providing little treats for us here and there. I don’t own any nursing tank tops that fit properly which means I usually end up just hauling my shirt up to nurse (which is very cold at times), and someone is sending me an awesome nursing shirt by Undercover Mama for free. I am also thankful because I won a giveaway the other day for a pillow pet, which will be Capri’s Valentine’s Day present (it is a limited edition Valentine’s Day dog).

I also felt terrible because we always see Capri’s friends with these super awesome toys that help them learn things and I know that toys are not everything, but sometimes it is nice to have things for her. So I found an awesome deal on Kijiji for 8 toys for $30, I found all these toys online to see what the total cost would be and it was about $200, so I think I saved a little money there 🙂

So this week I am thankful for the fact that even though we don’t have actual income, we are still able to buy food and pay our bills and sometimes even be blessed with some extras.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Your outlook is beautiful. God has gone before you to set your path long before you were born, even in this day and hour He knew what you would need, what your hearts desire is, and what He has called you to live through. It’s nice to read something like this, when often times you hear people complain and stress, which is all natural, but it’s nice to step back and see the blessings that are right there that God has been faithful to work in our favor. 🙂

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