Thankful Tuesdays is a new addition to my blog. I plan on writing something I am thankful for in my life every Tuesday (hence the name).

Everyday I realize more and more how lost I would be without my wonderful husband. Stefan is such an amazing man and I could not have asked God for a better match for me.

He puts up with me when I am crazy and irrational; he lets me take way to long in the bookstore just to pick out a new notebook (I got a pretty one with owls on it tonight) and is always putting my needs above his.

I love that he is okay with using cloth diapers and that he is actually willing to change diapers. So many times he is already getting a diaper ready and changing Capri before I even think about it. He loves spending time with his daughter and is perfectly fine with staying home with her while I go out, or taking her out while I stay home. He stayed home with her while I went shopping for clothes for 2.5 hours when she was only 7 days old. He is wonderful.

He cooks me meals (because I suck at cooking and he rocks at it), he does dishes and laundry. He works hard to make sure we can have money in the bank to put food on our table (well we eat at the couch but you get the picture).

He is selfless and loving and all around wonderful. He can always fix my computer when I mess it up. He can make me cry from laughing and make me laugh when I am crying.

So this Tuesday I am thankful for my wonderful and incredible husband.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Angela Guptill says:

    🙂 This is so beautiful and I love the pics you put with it! May it inspire more women ( and men) to be thankful for their spouses and for all the things in life that they have.

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