So many people know (thank you facebook for helping me spread news like wildfire) that Stefan and I are pregnant. As of today we are 11 weeks and 4 days along (the picture to your right is of a baby that is 11 weeks). I twitter a lot about how I am feeling (which ends up going to facebook) and have enjoyed reading other moms comments on similar experiences. I have been told by a few (including my husband) that I should blog about my wonderful time being with child…so here I am actually writing on my blog and attempting to keep up with it for the next 28 weeks and 3 days (you know until baby is born).

I can promise some funny stories and some gross ones. Below I will give a short little glimpse of the first 12 weeks.

Weeks 1-5 – why is my esophagus on fire??

Week 6 – I hate food…yet I am hungry all the time…what is wrong with me??

Week 6 still – I think I just threw up brushing my teeth I am calling in sick. this is when Stefan informs me that I better take a pregnancy test because it is either that or I am dying.

Later that day I pee on a stick, and as I watch my pee hit that stick (too much?) the little window makes a plus sign, and I am pretty sure my pee has not even reached it yet.

Weeks 7-8 – Get into a family dr. after attempting to wait at the outpatients for 6 hours and get to go for an ultra sound at 8 weeks 3 days (to find out how far along we were). We heard the little olives heart beat which they told us was 163.

Weeks 9-12 – Have told everyone we are pregnant. My mom I am pretty sure has bought every baby item on the planet or at least researched it. I am slowly feeling my little bump get bigger and move up farther. My jeans would be getting tighter but I am pretty sure I have lost more than 10lbs so far.

and finally just to update you all here is a list of things I have thrown up so far

1. Oatmeal (comes up the same way it goes down)

2. Apple juice (burns)

3. Blue Powerade (it looked like I threw up a smurf)

4. Steak, steak sauce, rice, soy sauce and lemon tea (that one left me on the bathroom floor for a while it hurt so bad)

And so that concludes this installment of gross and wonderful things of being pregnant. I will try to update once a week because that gives me some good material to use and I can update a picture of what the little alien inside of me looks like.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. About a week after I found out I was pregnant (only 2 weeks along and I knew) I was chowing down a quesadilla thinking, “Hey I wonder when I’m gonna start getting sick?” Up came the whole darn thing like there’s no tomorrow. I threw up in Walmart it seems every time we went (which is a lot)

  2. Oh Deborah!!!! I’m so happy that you’re blogging about it! i love all the gross facts and such, hahaha. I mean, I’m glad that i’m so far away I don’t have to see it, but can still enjoy the fact that you are prego. 😀 I hope you can find some foods that you really enjoy and don’t get sick with – maybe weird food cravings come next?

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