back of blanketSo I had this grand idea to make the girls blankets for Christmas. And not just any blanket, but a HUGE blanket. So I thought I would sew four swaddling blankets together and put a flannel back on them, the swaddling blankets are 47×47 square EACH. So I had to buy A LOT of flannel and sew two strips of it together to get the right width.

I sewed the swaddling blankets that I got from Bambino Land (I got them on sale) together to make a giant square. This was way harder than I thought it was going to be. The blankets have some stretch to them and I had a very hard time getting them to sew straight.

front 1


So after I finally sewed the back on the first one it looked like this (picture to your right). The seams didn’t line up and the backing was coming over the front. So I began working on the second blanket and as I was sewing I was realizing that it was coming out much better than the first one. I made this comment to Stefan, “How do I decide which kid gets the imperfect blanket?”.

blanket 2So I finished the second blanket and start turning it right side out and realize to my horror that I had sewed a wrong side to a right side. So now on the second blanket the seams from the four squares are showing…so I guess both blankets are imperfect. The final size of the blankets are about 85×85 inches.


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