Do you ever find yourself looking through your photos only to realize you are not in them? A family trip to the zoo, or playground and it appears to only be your spouse and children on the adventure. I decided I didn’t want that. I want photos on our outings and of our everyday life that include all of us. imageMy iPhone has a timer in the camera app so I find places to prop it and jump in the picture. I would love a remote so I can take more candid pictures. But I love having photos of us all doing things like decorating cookies or having family game night.imageWe are able to capture memories and make sure that one day when our kids go through our photos they have ones of all 6 of us. image

We have also discovered that our stroller cup holders work great as a tripod.

imageAnd on the rare occasion there is no where to set up for a photo we have gotten good at groupies via my husbands long arms or mirrors.

And now that I have written this I realized I should try and get more family photos of the 6 of us.

So set up your phone or camera and set the 10 second timer and take some photos of your family doing everyday family things. Leave your kids with photos of everyone and don’t just be the mom or dad behind the camera.

Edit it add our new family pics hahahaimage




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