That is our baby. And that baby is…a GIRL (who is nameless as of right now). She is laying on her back there and you can see the side of her face (even though cameras are not allowed the ultrasound tech was REALLY nice and let us take that photo).

It took awhile to get everything because she kept flipping around and moving. I made sure the U/S tech looked in between her legs from as many angles as possible and we saw the 3 white lines of girly parts.

IMG_0391I am kind of upset though because I have placenta praevia as of right now (the placenta is blocking my cervix and if it does not move I have to have a C-section which I am not happy about). We go back in 7 weeks (the end of January) for another ultrasound to see if it has moved up at all. I had some Braxton hicks near it which would not stop so that is another reason I have to go back. So I am praying when we go back that the placenta has moved and that no boy parts show up.

But everything else looked good. Her heart beat was 149 and she is a little over 9 ounces. We are working on her name. And I am 19 weeks along. Our due date is May 9/10th ish. Whatever I am due sometime in May.

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  1. I love you and your baby girls.:) Just think, you don’t have to buy a whole different wardrobe for new little one, and Capri and her can fight over stuff…Ahhh…I am so excited…Especially since we’re both having girls this time. 🙂

  2. Lots can change by May. Lots of babies lay low like yours and then square up when the time is right. Don’t worry, and happy Christmas to you.

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