Stefan was gone with our youth group for the weekend. Capri had a birthday party to go to that would last two hours. The party finally arrived and the girls had been insane all day. I dropped Capri off and said so long see ya in 2 hours and ran for it.

Instead of driving the one minute drive home I rationally drove 20 minutes away to buy an overpriced, calorie filled drink (and the Rim doesn’t even roll up for a chance to play again). And since there are 3 sleeping rear facing kids in my van I spend even more money on a chocolate filled pastry.


I then sit in my van while listening to music and scrolling The Facebook. All the while my van is running because it is cold and February, so I wasted gas and killed the environment.

At this point there is only 45 minutes left of the party so I decide to drive to Little Caesars to see if they will deliver to my van. I arrive and call asking if they could walk two hot and ready $5 pizzas out to me if I have cash to pay. A lovely Saint of a woman brings me two hot pizzas and I hand her the cash through the window (not at all shifty looking). At this point the two middle kids are screaming for food so I throw some snack bars at them. Unfortunately the party is not over for another 30 minutes. So I do what any rational mother does. I take the longest route. I stop for the mail, and drive slightly below the speed limit. I arrive with 10 minutes to go so I toss some pizza back to the screaming people and continue to update social media on my adventure.


So let’s recount

  1. One over priced drink
  2. One over priced chocolate pastry
  3. Two cheap pizzas
  4. A fair amount of gas
  5. Killing the environment while idling
  6. Two hours of confined kids not touching me and a majority of that time they slept

I count that as a win no matter how expensive.

It’s amazing what we will pay for a good car nap.


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