IMG_8031I wanted to find a wooden highchair and paint it pink for Capri’s birthday. I finally found this chair (to the right). It was perfect. It was a newer chair and it had straps so I was not worried about safety, and I got it for $20 off of Kijiji. I was so excited when I found it.

I posted a picture of the chair on facebook because Stefan liked it wooden like this where I wanted it pink. So I had a poll. A bunch of people were super lame and wanted it to stay this color, but there were a ton of cool people who said I should paint it pink. So I did. IMG_8032

First I sanded it because it had a varnish top coat and I wanted the paint to stick better to it. By the way sanding is long and hard. I do not like it.

I took the chair over to my friend Amy’s house to spray paint it because I don’t have a yard and I didn’t think my landlord would like it if I did IMG_8091it in our parking lot. So I first sprayed it with white spray paint to cover the dark wood color (this is my first time spray painting, it didn’t go to badly). I started on to the pink and ran out and had to call Stefan to get me some, which he in turn got Shane to go get it for me. I kind of sucked at spray painting the underneath so if you are looking it while laying on the ground you can see my terrible paint job, but lets just look at it while standing up.


IMG_8216So I finally finished the painting and decided to make covers for the brown straps because they were boring looking. So I made these awesome straps.

And below is the end product from our photoshoot.



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  1. Annie MacGregor says:

    I totally want to copy you and have been looking for highchairs on Kijiji Belleville! Love it, it’s GORGEOUS!!

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