I always get strange looks when I talk about this. Let me first say I do not care if Capri has white dolls. But I want her to have other ethnicities as well. We plan on taking Capri (and our other kids) on different trips to different countries and I think the first place to start teaching her about other cultures is at home.

I LOVED my dolls growing up. I had a double stroller, a wooden cradle, and everything else I needed to be a good mom. I hope Capri loves dolls like I did. I hope when she has a brother or sister she can take care of her baby doll while I take care of her sibling. I want to get her a little baby sling, and baby doll cloth diapers.

talking-dollBut I am on a rabbit trail. Back to the point. I really want to find Capri the perfect baby doll. And I don’t want it to be white. I went to Toys R Us and was shocked when I saw ONE, yes ONE black doll (it was a cabbage patch). It was pretty sad. I also want to find her one that isn’t just another plastic doll. The doll to the left talks, and has a bottle and is white. I want Capri to have a doll that doesn’t talk (because it annoys me), and she doesn’t even know what a bottle is for seeing as the last one she had was…well I have no idea the last time she had a bottle (I hate pumping with a passion).

Also I would love it if she could have a fair trade doll. But they are very expensive 3811-BRSKN(the doll on the right costs $105, and kind of strange looking). So I would even just get an organic one if I could. I want one that is a baby doll not a big kid looking doll because I want her to be able to change diapers and carry it around like a baby. I think it will be good for her when we have another baby.

So my quest continues. I don’t really care what race the doll is (except Caucasian), but I do hope I can find one soon.

So a quick overview of what I am looking for just in case you see one and want to let me know about it:

1. Not White

2. A baby doll that can have diapers put on it

3. I want one that is around 15inches.

4. Fair Trade or organic

5. Affordable (or you can buy it for her and I won’t care what the price is; or if you are a gifted seamstress and can make one that would be awesome too)

PS if you suggest I make her one you obviously never saw the doll I attempted to make her. It looked like a scary clown thing.


UPDATE: check out my post on my doll I got for Capri

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Unfortunately, supply and demand factors in here. Affordable, fair-trade, organic ANYTHING is often difficult to find…

    Toys R Us does carry high-quality attractive dolls in multiple ethnicities. For example, the Corolle Mon Premier Calin dolls. “Yang” (the name of the Asian doll under said brand) is particularly adorable.

    Corolle Mon Premier Calin dolls sell for $31.99 each at Toys R Us. But, these dolls do only measure 12 inches.

    You could try bring your search Amazon or E-bay.

    Good luck!

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      thanks for the comment. I should have stated that it was our Toys R Us Store that I was at that only had 1 doll that was not white, not the website (also it was in Canada, we seem to have different dolls on the Canadian site).

  2. American Girl makes Bitty Baby dolls that are other races, although they aren’t labeled that way anymore I don’t think. They are plastic and don’t meet your other requirements though.

    Growing up I had a few black dolls. Addy from American Girl and a couple Cabbage Patch Kids.

  3. I remember when I worked at Toys R Us in Halifax, we had both black & white (and sometimes other) options in most of the dolls we carried, but we used to run into problems because they each have different barcodes, so sometimes when we would have a sale on X brand of doll, only the white barcodes would scan in at the sale price, and the black ones didn’t…. People didn’t like that very much.

    I realize that’s not very helpful to you. Haha But I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  4. We were referred to your posting by a customer of ours… we invite you to take a look at our web site http://PattycakeDoll.com where you will find Black, Hispanic, Asian, biracial and multicultural dolls for girls and boys. We donate 10% of our profits to charities that help children and ship worldwide. Unfortunately we do not carry fair trade dolls nor organic. The new CPSIA rules are so strict, that it is practically impossible to make dolls cost effective unless they can sell thousands. You end up with safer toys, but less ‘small batch’ dolls. PS: SleepySoft.com referred to above is also one of our sites with many of the same dolls, just not quite as many.

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