When we started cloth diapering over 4 years ago we started out with disposable wipes because we were given a HUGE pack of them, and we only had a few cloth wipes. What I soon realized was how amazing cloth wipes were over disposable. When people start using cloth diapers there sometimes seems to be a hesitancy in using cloth wipes along with the cloth diapers. So let me give you the skinny on cloth wipes.

We have an assortment of wipes we use, from plush bamboo wipes like our Applecheeks wipes, cotton and flannel wipes (some are just made from old spit up blankets), to dollar store baby facecloths. I find they all do a great job. They are all roughly 8×8 inches in size.

Sometimes people wonder if they can wash their wipes with their diapers…the answer is YES!!! It is so easy, you take the dirty diaper off, you wipe, you put it all in your diaper pail until wash day. Anytime we use disposables for whatever the reason I always hate that I have to sort them and throw the disposable in the garbage, it is seriously an annoying extra step.

waterAnother question I often hear is about how good of a job they actually do. Well let me tell you, they clean up messes so much faster and easier than disposable wipes. We took disposable wipes with us to camp this Summer so I had one less thing to hang out to dry on wash day and I regretted it so much. A poo mess that should have taken maybe two cloth wipes took like six disposable wipes. And I never felt like the girls were clean enough. When it comes to gross poop I will use toilet paper to get the flushable poop parts off and then finish with a cloth wipe.

wipe cubesI keep my wipes dry and dunk them in our water container when I need them. We use Monkey Doodlez wipe cubes that just dissolve in the water. You can also just squirt a bit of baby shampoo in the water. When we are out I keep dry wipes in the diaper bag and wet them in the bathroom while changing, or if we are not in a bathroom we usually have at least one water bottle in our van if not 500. I know other people pre-wet wipes and take them in a baggy. For a while I was using my peri bottle from the hospital to keep water with me.

So that is pretty much all there is to cloth wipes. If you are already cloth diapering and not using cloth wipes go out and buy a package of dollar store facecloths and give it a whirl. It is super easy to add it into your routine AND saves you money AND cleans up better.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. For us it was absolutely necessary to do as much as we could to reduce the weekly costs of having a baby. Debt free is 2015 is our motto and using cloth is one of the ways we get there. I do dind I like my actual cloth wipes better than the cut up receiving blankets and face cloths. They work but I find my cloth wipes seem to scoop up the mess just that much better.

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