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When I was pregnant with Capri I bought my first diaper bag. I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought this Bily Diaper bag from Toys R Us. It is so ugly and boring. I do not like carrying around ugly and boring things.

I also got to a good point with Capri where I knew exactly what we needed in our diaper bag for most trips out of the house. I was walking to a lot of our destinations so I decided that I needed something smaller, cuter, and just plain more awesome.

I happened to win a gift certificate to an online Etsy shop who made diaper bags and I was able to get a custom diaper bag made. It was awesome and the perfect size for that time in our life.

son up bag

The bag is from Son Up Until Son Down, which is an Etsy store. I blogged about the bag and all the things I could fit into it, even though it is on the small side (which is what I love about it). You can read more about it here.

I was in love with this bag and got so many compliments on it. Every once and a while however I would go some place and I would need a BIGGER bag. Or a bag that could hold my ginormous coffee thermos. So I had the privilege of reviewing the Boba Pack that goes with my Boba 3G.



I could fit so many things into this bag, and I could attach it to my Boba 3G if I wanted to make things easier. You can see how much stuff I got into this bag here.

This bag was great for days that we were out of the house for a lot longer, and also when Capri started needing more snacks brought along for the day. I was able to organize and fit a good amount in it.


And then I got pregnant with Payson and I realized that I would have two little ones in cloth diapers. One of those kids ate like a horse and needed an entire grocery store brought out for a day trip, and of course all that a newborn would need.

So I traded my Plum Applecheeks for a Vera Bradley Diaper bag. It is HUGE. I mean check this out and see how much stuff I can fit into it. Payson spit up like crazy so we always had 3-4 spit up blankets in the bag, plus lots of diapers, snacks and various other things.


And now baby number 3 is due to make his/her entrance in December of this year (2013). Capri is mainly potty trained during the day but I usually need to keep 1-2 outfits in the bag just in case of accidents (or random puddle jumping), and usually a diaper just in case. Payson still has 2-3 cloth diapers in the bag and an extra outfit or two. It also has snacks, water bottles, my wallet, a bag of random things I always seem to need while out. And in December I get to add all the things a newborn needs.

We tend to do long day trips (because we live in the middle of no-where and travel 30-60 minutes for day trips a few times a week). Which means I will need a fair amount of diapers for a newborn, plus blankets, clothes, ect. Which means I want a BIGGER diaper bag. And in comes the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared. The mother of all diaper bags. I could fit ALL 3 kids in this bag I am pretty sure. And isn’t the Mint Chip design just BEAUTIFUL??? And it will only cost me $195 plus TAX.

Okay so I might not get this wonderful, beautiful, very handy bag. But it is my dream bag. So there you have it. Three years, four diaper bags, 1 dream bag and almost three kids later.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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