So now that I have started my new job I can start tithing again, which is great. I have been brought up knowing what 10% of my allowance is since before I was even in school. I like tithing and I have been blessed by God greatly financially which I believe has to do with my faithfulness with my own money.

So my new thought pattern is where does your tithe have to go. I understand that when people tithe to the church they are helping the church pay for all of the necessities, which includes the pastors pay which I am grateful for as a pastors kid and a soon to be pastor myself. But then there are those times when you go to the annual church meetings and they go over all the finances, and you are able to see where each and every dollar was spent from direct tithes and it concerns me how little seems to be spent on taking care of widows and orphans (or you know those in need). There are certain groups or organizations that each church might give money to but what about those individuals that need help with a worthwhile cause.

If our money is suppose to go to the church, and we are not suppose to look at the church as a building but as a group of people then does that mean I can give my tithe to people that are going to be using that money for good, and for God’s work…to further His Kingdom? If I give my money to other Christians they are the church.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. I totally agree. We don’t always give our money to the church, actually, most often, we split our tithe in half and give it to two things instead of just the one. I don’t know…It feels weird to give to a church that I don’t really feel part of, you’re more apart of it than I am. And like you said, individual Christian’s are the church as well. So what’s the beef? As long as we are giving to things that God loves, why not just give? …But, maybe that’s separate from the 10%? I don’t know….

  2. matthew Hooper says:

    Maybe thats what the offering is for. The tithe is to support your local body (which there is some biblical inference to that idea, though never out right said) and your offering (ie anything above 10%) goes to the church universal. Wether it be to organizations or causes, or just the bum on the street.

  3. I’ve struggled with this too, and I must say, you put it in great words. As one who goes around asking people for money, I have yet to tell someone not to tithe to me. If God is leading someone in that direction, who am I to argue? haha, yeah.

    I also struggle with the idea of giving to a church that I don’t attend, don’t want to attend, or have no involvement in whatsoever. It is very difficult to write a check or throw in cash to something that you don’t feel connected to or a part of.

    I think I agree with Hooper. Although I may not attend LWC regularly, or agree with everything, or even want to attend, I am still a part of that church. I am a member, and as a member I have a responsibility to it. If I were not a member, I’m not sure that I would feel the same way. I would probably just give my tithe to whatever church I was attending that Sunday.

    But I totally agree with Deb in the fact that the church is the people, and we shouldn’t just be devoting all of our money and resources into a building that may not necessarily be using those resources as you thought they would or should. And so, I feel that I must give my 10% to LWC, and then, out of my own conviction give more to “widows and orphans.’

    Sorry this turned out to be so long, but Deb, I think you really hit something that a lot of people deal with, or don’t want to deal with but should. Sorry, I’m not the theology student that can whip out verses to back up what I’m saying – these are just my convictions on the topic.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. My mom and I were discussing this a few months ago, and after studying it a bit, it seems that when the tithe was received in the Bible days, it was divided into thirds. One third to the needy UNBELIEVERS, , one third to orphans/widows in the church, and one third to support the pastor. Since then, she has decided to give roughly 33% of her tithe in the offering plate, marked “tithe”, 33% in the offering plate, marked “benevolence fund”, and choose a charity outside of the church to give the other 33% to.

    I think this is a fine idea, but would like to add my own thoughts on it… I feel once the money leaves my hand, it’s not my business how it is spent. I am being obedient to God by giving where I feel He is having me give, and after that, how it is spent is on the shoulders of the receiver. If it’s inappropriately squandered by them, they’ll be held accountable, but I will still have been obedient. Obviously, I think you should carefully pray about where to give to begin with so it’s not likely money will be squandered, but you get my point.

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