I have been following Sarah on Twitter and Instagram for a while now, and a few weeks back she asked if I would review a few of her little girl dresses. I happily said yes. As we were talking over stuff she told me a few things about herself. One of those things included that my Mother-In-Law use to babysit her when she was younger. How crazy is that??

paysonSarah, her husband, and their 20 month old daughter live on the beach in North Carolina (lucky!). She is a stay at home mom, photographer, and seamstress. Sarah’s company was inspired by her daughter and named Tootsie Pie Designs. Sarah says this about herself and her company,

“I have so much fun shopping for fabric and putting the perfect combinations of fabric together that I decided to try my hand at sewing dresses for my kiddo. Now I make all sorts of pillowcase dresses, peasant dresses, sundresses, shorts, pants, bloomers and I’m adding new things to my repertoire all the time. I also love custom items it just feeds my pretty fabric shopping addiction!”

I was able to pick out the dresses that I wanted, and I chose two nautical themed ones because I love boats and the ocean. I love the style of dresses that the girls got because they are beyond adorable, easy to get on and off, wash well, are easy to play in, and will easily grow with them.


We decided to take a trip down the road to one of our many beaches in our area for a little photoshoot with our new dresses.

Payson being Payson was a little un-sure about this place and did not like the idea that there was so much water around her. It was hard getting her to move away from Stefan or I in order to get a picture. In the end she was mainly crying.

Capri on the other hand was running free and loved the water. I was only able to snap a few photos before she was up to her waist in the Ocean in her new dress. But guess what? It was totally cool, because the dresses are made so well that I was not worried about her ruining it by taking a little dip in the Atlantic. Her entire dress was soaked by the time we had to get back in the van and she had to drive home in just her wet undies because I didn’t bring a towel or change of clothes for her.

endOne thing I really appreciate about the peasant style dresses is how modest they are. They make my little girls look like little girls, unlike so many of the clothes that are put out for kids today.  

If you head over to Sarah’s Etsy page you can check out all of her gorgeous outfits for both girls and boys. And if you don’t see a fabric you like, send her a message and work with her to find the perfect fabric for a perfect outfit for your little one. You can also keep up with her on Facebook to see her new creations.

I love all of her stuff, and I can see me buying from her for birthdays and Christmas presents for our girls and baby #3. Her prices range from $15-$30 and are well worth it. I not only love supporting Work at Home Moms, but I love when my kids are dressed in clothes that are unique.

So go and check her out and use the coupon code TIMEFLIES on her Etsy page for free shipping to the United States and Canada until August 31, 2013. ending

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