I have to admit I was a little nervous about flying and traveling with my cloth diapers. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the little travel we have done so far with them but this was a big one.

We left the house at 4am on Thursday morning and didn’t arrive home until late Sunday night (like past midnight so I guess it was really Monday). So that is 4 very full days that I had to be packed and ready for and a few extras just in case something happened. So here is my list of what I packed for my diapers:

29 day time diapers (that is 29 Applecheeks 2ply inserts)
4 night time + 4 boosters (4 Applecheeks 3ply inserts and 4 2ply boosters)
A ton of Applecheeks flushable liners
over 30 Applecheeks wipes
16 Size 2 Applecheeks covers
2 large wet bags (both Applecheeks)
2 travel wet bags (1 Applecheeks and 1 Bummis)
1 Sample pack of Rockin’ Green just in case

The plan was to use 4 covers a day, which would mean re-using a couple covers a day. I brought 29 day time diapers which is almost double what we actually use in a 4 day time frame, but I was not taking any chances.

IMG_7518I pre-stuffed all 16 covers for easy access, 2 in the diaper bag, and the other 14 in my duffle bag. Below the diapers are all the extra inserts and night time inserts. In the side pockets are wipes, flushable liners and a few inserts so I could access them quickly in the airport.

I chose to carry on all my luggage because I was afraid of it being lost and me being diaper-less (which would not be good. I don’t even know what size disposable Capri wears.)

IMG_8012The four days went great. Capri actually pooped like 6 times and I somehow managed to get 5 of those in the toilet before she pooped in her diaper (Elimination Communication win). We only ended up using 13 covers, 15 day time diapers and all 4 night time (the fourth one went on her as soon as we arrived home). No one really noticed that there was a bag of dirty diapers in the house all weekend and sadly my dirty bag was not searched at the airport as I hoped.

Flying with cloth was no big deal since you have to put your diaper in a bag no matter if it is cloth or disposable so there was no difference there. And I was not worried about her having a blowout because I trust my Applecheeks to contain everything.

So the next time you fly don’t be scared off, it is not hard to do at all.

Some quick Tips:

1. If you plan to do laundry look into the location (ie. water type, washer style – front or top loader, if you will be doing it at a laundry mat ect.)

2. Bring at least 1 day if not 2 days extra worth of diapers in case of delays.

3. If there is poop on your insert rinse it in the sink so you have less poopy smells coming from your wet bag.

4. If you are doing carry on with all your diapers make sure they weigh less when dirty than the amount they are allowed (I was allowed up to 22lbs of luggage in one bag).

5. If you don’t normally pre-stuff your diapers do it for your trip, it makes changes a lot faster.

Check back soon as I will be blogging about babywearing and flying.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. My husband and our 11 month old son and I just returned from a week in Florida where we did cloth the whole trip and it went great! I was nervous as well, but there’s no way we would do disposable for the short trip.

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      thats awesome. I have no problem doing longer as long as I can wash them. When she was 2 weeks old we went to our campground and used a laundry mat for the 10 days we were there and had very little issues. We will be doing that 10 days again in a month.

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