I have never been very fashionable to say the least. In grade 7 I finally learned to put my hair into a pony tail and 11 years later that is still all I can really do with my hair. I was a tom boy for a lot of my childhood and into my early teen years. Finally in junior high I made friends that enjoyed dressing me in stylish clothes and doing my hair and make up.

Since then I have kept friends around me that help me make clothing choices and do my hair and make up for any events (that is not the only reason they are my friends just fyi). I loved being in college dorms because I had my pick from many friends closets which made it look like I had some sense of fashion. Then I got married…

Apparently my husband does not dress as cute as my former roommates and slowly my fashion sense dwindled again. The above picture is pretty much my daily outfit and I hate it (I mean I really love my pjs but I wish I dressed better).

It doesn’t help that all the clothing I have seems to fit funny now that I have a post pregnancy body, nor does it help that we are way to broke for me to go buy a new wardrobe.

I feel like a slob. My hair is like 19 colors because apparently my hair has decided that it would not hold color anymore and I have attempted to dye it a few times with a few different colors. My jeans are either too baggy or too low, my shirts are all too short (this was a problem before because I have an extremely  long torso, but now I have big boobs to lift my shirts up even higher).

Someday maybe I will dress better…maybe when we get some cash or my well dressed friends give me their clothing. Someday I will get enough money and go to a hairdresser and ask her to dye my hair and hope it looks better than my current rainbow look. And someday I will learn to wear makeup and wear it well.

But right now I am sitting in a too short shirt, my pj pants and some fuzzie slippers with my hair up in a ponytail.

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  1. Stephanie Thornton says:

    Haha oh Deborah. Did you pick out any of my clothes that I gave to Melissa? I have more that I want to get rid of, so when I get home, you can claim them if you want!

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