If you read my post back in January about picking a word to represent our year you would know that the word is “wait”. And boy oh boy it was the right word. God is teaching me so much and it is only March (almost April – which by the way is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH), and I won’t lie the next 9 months scare me to death if it is anything like the first 3 months.

I wrote back in January as well that the church Stefan and I pastored discontinued services which means that we are currently sending out resumes and looking for a new church to call home for our family. In the Wesleyan denomination and on our District the turn around for pastors happens in July, so this time of year pastors are resigning and people are applying for jobs. It is stressful and a giant waiting game. Oh there is that word again.

Part of being a Wesleyan pastor is the opportunity to work towards being an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan church (aka getting to be called Reverend). I have been dreaming about the day that I can add Rev. in front of my name since I was 11 years old. Being apart of the Wesleyan denomination means a lot to me. We are a family, or as our DS (district superintendent) calls our district – a tribe. To be a Wesleyan Pastor means I get to represent this amazing denomination that stands up for the weak, and believes in showing people who Christ is in a tangible way. Currently Stefan and I are licenced pastors working towards our ordination, and part of the requirement is 2 years of full time ministry, which could have been this July for us. But with the church discontinuing services we will not get that time in before the ordination service at our annual conference. This was really hard for me to accept, and I was really angry at everyone I could be angry at for making me WAIT!!! But God is not doing these things to hurt me, and He is not doing these things because He doesn’t believe that I am worthy enough to carry the title of Reverend. I don’t know why we have to keep waiting on things, but I know that God has huge plans for us and we have to continue to be faithful in all circumstances.

God has called Stefan and I into ministry. He has gifted us with talents that help serve the church and those in the church. He has put desires in our heart to minister to those around us. Right now I am a stay at home mom and I won’t lie, it is hard for me. I have been keeping up my reading and writing and I will be attending a few conferences to keep my skills up and to be with other pastors.

As we send out resumes and talk with churches please be praying for our family that we are able to follow God’s leading to the right church for our family. Pray for our hearts as we trust God during this giant waiting game that I feel like we are in. If you are talking with us and we seem cranky understand that we are scared and worried about what we will do with our three little girls come July when we have to move from our current house and temp job.

And if you want to talk with us about a job shoot me an email deborahruth42@gmail.com you can get two awesome pastors who cover a multitude of skills and usually we are will to work for only 1 salary, we just like working.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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