If you have not heard, Stefan and I finally got a job in a church. It has been an interesting two years for us in regards to finding a job. I was a year ahead of Stefan at Bethany so I graduated 2 years ago, which meant we really could not start looking for a church until last May when Stefan graduated. I spent HOURS sending out our resumes to churches. We actually had a fair amount of luck with talking with churches. I can’t count how many phone/skype interviews we had. We even went and visited 3 or 4 churches to talk further about us coming and working for them. Stefan is one of those people who could be happy almost anywhere, but I kept having that feeling that each church we visited was not the place for us (which was REALLY hard because we wanted to be in a church so bad).

map of shelYou see both Stefan and I have degrees in Pastoral ministry, both Stefan and I desire to work in the church and we had to find the perfect church for both of us. A church that would allow both of us to work out hours each week so we can be ordained in the Wesleyan Church in two years.

So sometime in the next two months we will be moving to Shelburne, Nova Scotia to pastor the Wesleyan church there (Hope Wesleyan). We are SUPER excited. Stefan will be the lead pastor and I will be the community pastor (aka I get out in the community and get people into the church). I am going to be doing a lot with families which is awesome because it will tie into me being home with our two daughters (I will be working from home). We are excited about this adventure in our lives and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us and for the people of Shelburne.

The top picture is the house we will be living in. I am so excited because it has a yard, and 4 bedrooms and a clothesline and a DISHWASHER.

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